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SAT and ACT Preparation Course

As our teachers say: it is all about relationships. Esolarm launches new SAT and ACT practice programs that combine group work and an individual approach. Each student is getting prepared for the most important exam at their own pace and being in a competitive environment simultaneously. This approach is proven by many years of experience to be more effective than 1-to-1 practice. The teacher-student connection becomes more inspiring and the lessons' outcome becomes more promising.





This preparation program is designed for beginners with no prior knowledge of SAT/ACT tests. The course covers only the Math sections of the tests. Our professional tutors will teach students how to approach each problem strategically and systematically through interactive classes and individual approaches to each student.


ESOLARM training center is also an internationally recognized testing center that offers a variety of resources, up-to-date materials, and a real-life test environment to help students learn and practice their skills. The classrooms are equipped with configured computers, and the practices will be mostly digital, which is perfect for the digital test formats. However, the traditional paper-based method is not entirely disregarded. We make individual copies of the necessary material for each student. Each student receives the teacher's direct attention, and associate assistance while being in the center. We provide constant engagement both using group competitions and individual tasks.

The advantages you gain

Starting in 2023 all students outside of the United States will take the digital SAT with pre-configured computers. On test days, students also will be able to bring their own computers. We will assist you with exam registration and test-day setup for your device, if necessary.


To register for the SAT or ACT preparation course a diagnostic test is required. The duration of the course is determined by the diagnostic test. The test can be taken from Monday to Friday from 11.00 to 16.00.

Don't miss your chance, as by succeeding in practice we are practicing to succeed.


Eliza Gyulgyulyan. Ph.D in Computer Science

Meet your SAT Tutor

Eliza Gyulgyulyan

It is all about relationships. People don't learn from people they don't like. I, as a teacher, tend to emphasize not only the knowledge but also the relationship with my students. That helps me to deliver the knowledge in an understandable way. The huge responsibility of being managers of the world's greatest resource - children, makes us keep learning and developing in our field constantly. I have a bachelor's degree in financial and actuarial mathematics, a Master’s degree in Computer Science and I am on my way to having a Ph.D. in Computer Science. I am familiar with the Pearson Qualification math program, International A Level and IGCSE, Calculus AB and BC, Common core math program, Singapore math program, and more. I believe that our world is based on math and people with mathematical thinking are awesome. So, my mission is to develop a mathematical mindset in my students.

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Why SAT Preparation with Esolarm

Frequently Asked Questions

ESOLARM training center has been preparing students for international exams like SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT for nearly 10 years. Throughout those years, we have had many success stories, starting with very high scores for AUA, and universities in America, UK and Europe. ESOLARM has the most experienced tutors and up-to-date materials. Besides the fixed lesson hours, our tutors provide free extra help if needed. We offer a unique and extremely effective strategies which help our students transfer their knowledge into practice and develop skills required for the exams. 

We ask students to take an assessment test before the enrollment, as basic knowledge of math is necessary to start this course. And it makes easier for our tutors to customize the course accordingly, based on the diagnostic test. 

Our team will help you with the registration, score follow ups and with any administrative/ technical questions. 

SAT/ACT Preparation Program